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Downhole Equipment Sets

Sets of downhole tools for equipping the vertical and deviated gas wells are employed for:
  • isolation of beds and isolation of flow string and casing clearance from the exposure of downhole medium  by means of  the packer during  gas well operation as well as while repair works and routine inspection;
  • joining and isolation of casing clearance and tubing inner cavity by means of the circulating valve during well completion and operation;
  • overlapping of tubing by means of the cutoff valve when the well flow rate increases beyond the specified value in the monitored or automatic mode of operation;
  • buildup of excessive hydraulic pressure inside the tubing cavity by means of shearoff valve in order to manipulate the packer.
             Downhole Equipment Sets                      Set of wirelinetools for downhole equipment
                                                                            operation and repair

Delivery Modes:
  •           version K1/K2/ K3 according to GOST 13862-90;

Operating pressure, MPa
Corrosion-resistant version K1

KCO 168/219

Hydraulic stationary-retrievable packer ПССГ 219
Circulating valve КЦ 168
Subsurface safety valve KЗ 168-21:
Shearoff valve KO 168
Lock З-102
Equalizing  valve КУ 168
Cutoff valve КС 168
Cutoff valve КС146
Landing nipple НП 168
Wireline tool set

КСО 114/168

21, 35, 70
Hydraulic stationary-retrievable packer ПССГ 114-168
Circulating valve КЦ 114
Subsurface safety valve KЗ 114:
Shearoff valve KO 114
Lock З-70
Equalizing valve КУ 114
Cutoff valve КС 114-15
Landing nipples НП 114-95, НП 114-90, НП 114-85, НП 114-70
Wireline tool set
shearoff valves
КОУ 114НКН-70-21/37-K1
КОУ 114НКН-100-21/28-K1
КОУ 114НКН-100-35/43-K1
Corrosion-resistant version K2

КСО 73/168-7
Hydraulic stationary-retrievable packer ПССГ 73-168-21
Inhibiting circulating valve КИЦ-73-168-7
Mechanical shearoff valve КОМ В-73-7
Cutoff valve КС В-73-14
Corrosion-resistant version K3

Mechanical shearoff valve КОМ 114-3.437”-70 with lock 3.437”
Hydraulically-operated shearoff valve КОГ 114-3.437”-70 with lock 3.437”
Safety bush ВП 114-3.437”-70 with lock 3.437”
End shoe 3 ½”
Consumable pipe unions 3 ½” x6.45; 3 ½” x7.34; 4 ½” x10.92; 4 ½” x6.88
Drain shoe 3 ½”
Circulating plug
Bridge plug

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